Brain Training & Golf

Brain Training & Golf

Keep your Mind on The Ball

Keep your Mind on The Ball

“The first time I ever picked up a golf club I was a 10 handicap. At the end of the season I was informed I was the most improved player by handicap index. NeurOptimal® is really about helping the CNS just return to present. In the end you really have to own your own rhythm, own your own tempo, and that really means getting back inside to your own experience. With NeurOptimal® the possibilities are endless.”

Dr. Valdeane Brown, Ph.d
Avid Golf Player, Creator of NeurOptimal®


NeurOptimal® and Golf

How do professional golfers conduct themselves with total confidence even when faced with a challenging course? How do they always seem to find the perfect balance & rhythm required for precise long-distance shots? How are they able to quickly recover from a bad shot without allowing it to affect their next one?

Golf professionals teach that achieving success in their sport has much to do being with being focused and “in the zone” while competing on the golf course. There simply is no denying that when a golfer’s brain and body are working in tandem, making accurate calculations and effortlessly adapting as the need arises, they are performing at their personal best.

The Power of Training Your Brain

NeurOptimal® represents the cutting-edge of neuro-technology today. With the required expertise built into the system, its unsurpassed ease of use, and millions of hours of experience have shown NeurOptimal® to be the effective, safe choice for those seeking the most out of life.

Our brain is unique in its complexity and ability and is the source of daily habits, mindset and function. We train for the discovery of what our brain is capable of. We train for promoting wellness. We train for continued growth.


Training Your Mind & Your Body

Golfing is indeed competitive, whether on a Pro tour or with friends. Yet most golfers are constantly practicing on perfecting their aim and swing… while often neglecting to keep their brains similarly trained. The result? A lack of mind-body connection.

More and more golfing enthusiasts are becoming aware of the importance of keeping the brain as fit as the body. Many golf organizations, trainers, coaches and individual golfers, both amateur and professional, have discovered that brain training with NeurOptimal® can provide a mental edge over the competition, allowing them to perform at their very best. Added benefits are the ability to “get out of their own way”, better cope with defeat and with the pressure of performance anxiety.

NeurOptimal® can help improve mental acuity by increasing focus, calm and confidence, promoting healthy sleep habits, helping you manage stress better and so much more. Learn more about how adding NeurOptimal® to your training regimen can help give you the edge you’re looking for!

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