Zengar Institute Inc.’s Quality Control & Assurance Process

A fully designed process, for a fully configured system.

Before our systems ship out, we check each and every one of them with the process below to ensure their quality, so that you receive an optimal system.

  • Visual inspection of received hardware.
  • System is “imaged” with our master configuration, this also serves as a basic test for the SSD’s read/write capability and USB port.
  • System is given a high level “Burn-In” that pushes hardware and software capabilities for 72 hours, catching defective units.
  • zAmps are given 3 levels of testing. First, the assembler visually inspects the board after assembly and verifies it has no obvious defects. Second, the raw output of the board is analyzed by the manufacturer to confirm that the signal is good. In the event of a problem at this stage, the manufacturer contacts us and we provide direct support to determine the cause of the problem and resolve it, after which it is tested again and we approve or decline the board and it goes back to stage one. Third, when an order is placed, we run four full sessions with the zAmp, monitoring the spectra display output and verifying the USB cables function correctly.
  • When an order is placed, we personalize the system for our end user. We also test our software, NeurOptimal®. We listen for interrupts once a session is started to verify the zAmp is functioning and verify the spectra display. In total about 2 hours of finalization/testing goes into a system during the configuration stage.
  • We test the USB port/s and both USB cables included with all packages.
  • We test every single mini-DisplayPort/USB-C to HDMI adapter.
  • We test the headphone jack and speakers on every system to ensure both audio channels function.
  • We test the Microsoft typecover, ensuring all keys are functional.
  • We test the Microsoft Pen/Stylus.
  • We test the Microsoft Arc Mouse.
  • Post-testing, we double check every setting to verify the personalization of the system has no typos or other mistakes.
  • Lastly, we clean the system and buff the display. We then place it back into the plastic it came in to get as close to an out-of-box-experience for the user as possible.
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