Why do some Windows updates take so long to install?

Why do some Windows updates take so long to install?

General FAQs:

What’s happening?

Windows regularly releases updates to improve security, fix bugs, and add new features to your computer. Sometimes, these updates can be quite substantial and they require more time to install than the typical updates you may have encountered before.

Why is it taking longer?

The installation process for larger updates involves several steps, such as preparing your computer for the update, downloading the necessary files, and then applying those changes to your system. Additionally, your computer may need to restart multiple times to complete the installation thoroughly. The entire process requires additional installation time.

How long will it take?

The time it takes to install updates can vary based on factors such as your system’s processor speed, the age of your system, and the size of the update itself. Larger updates might take more time, but rest assured, your computer will be running on the latest and most secure version of Windows once the installation is complete.

Please be patient.

We understand that waiting for the update to complete can be sometimes frustrating. Please be patient during the process even if your system appears to hang at a certain percentage for quite some time. Rest assured, the update is still installing in the background and should not be interrupted. Turning off your computer could lead to potential issues or update failure.

Tips to ensure a smooth update process on your system:

  1. Keep your NeurOptimal® system plugged in to ensure it has a stable power supply and to avoid any power-related interruptions.
  2. Connect to a fast and reliable internet connection during the update process to avoid any download issues.
  3. Try and avoid running a NeurOptimal® Session while the update is in progress, as it may slow down the installation.
  4. If possible, schedule a time where you do not need to use your system for a few hours so the installation will not be interrupted.

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