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Zengar Institute Inc. supports anyone who is interested in doing research using NeurOptimal®.

For legal reasons and in effort to remain unbiased, we are unable to perform any research ourselves or fund any study using our systems. However, we are open to loaning out systems to help support those interested in research work.

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Thank you for your passion for the NeurOptimal® process. We appreciate and value your interest in the research program and look forward to working with you. We offer two distinctly different programs; Educational Research and Academic Research depending on how formalized you wish to make your research. Both types of research are important and valuable to the Community and we can use the following convenient form to help us delineate which path you are on. We are hopeful you will find value in going through this process and will learn more about how you can best serve the knowledge base of our Community.

Educational Research is primarily NeurOptimal® Trainers wanting to document how training is accomplished in their private location. This area will many times consist of case studies, personal stories, white papers and qualitative studies. We’ll educate you on the information required in the form below.

Academic Research is for the larger Academic Community that will ultimately publish their findings in collegiate publications. This is primarily for the individual working at or attending higher level education and will be investigating Neurofeedback as a Training process for the good of mankind.

PLEASE NOTE: To protect the integrity of Academic research projects, no monetary profit can be derived from the use of any materials in Academic research involving NeurOptimal®. If you already own a system and are using it to receive income, we will consider your project as Educational in nature.


Please note that all fields marked with an * are required. Please also note that upon submission you will be redirected to a thank you page with next step details. If you are not redirected but remain on this page, please return to this form as it means you have not filled in a required field(s). Please review all form fields and then resubmit. Thank you.

  • Applicaton for NeurOptimal® Research Program

  • Identifying Information

  • Research Information

  • Please select one.
  • Rationale a short paragraph describing the topic and stating why it is important and relevant to field of study, this is like an Introduction or an Abstract.
  • Two or three specific research questions you will answer, no more (these questions should not be able to be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’).
  • A summary of existing research in the area, identifying the gaps your project will fill. Project ought to be original rather than repeating previous studies.
  • A short conceptual underpinning of your research, any theories and theorists that will inform your work; how you will operationalize these theories and concepts; and how theoretical framework will guide.
  • A description of your methodology and methods in very precise terms:
    - Your broad methodological approach and epistemological framework.
    - Your methods.
    You should show here that you are conversant with the methodological literature and that you have thought through your study in detail. Of course, your methodology will evolve during the course of your project and it is always possible to change it – but it is useful to start out from a strong basis.
  • If the proposed research directly involves human or live animal subjects, discuss the ethical issues involved and the actions that will be taken to ensure compliance with ethics guidelines and with any Child Protection Policy (if children are involved).
  • A description of how you will break your research into manageable tasks and deadlines in order to get your research finished within the time you have. It is best to present this in the form of a table, specifying dates by which you will have completed particular tasks. Again, this timeline may change but it is useful to have done some planning in advance.
  • Please explain how the NeurOptimal® system is specific to your area of expertise and if you are receiving any compensation either from the company or from the use of the system.
  • Basic Information for Zengar®

  • i.e., University/ College Thesis, Institutional Review, etc.
  • Please type N/A if no.
  • White papers, Conference, published as a Doctoral level dissertation etc.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png, pptx.
    File types accepted: jpg, pdf, png, pptx. Maximum file size for each file is: 50MB.


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Please make sure you and anyone using the system have signed the Trainer Consent Form and have every subject sign the Client Consent Form prior to starting your research project.