NeurOptimal® 3 Personal Upgrade

NeurOptimal® 3 Personal Upgrade

USD $395.00

ACER systems DO NOT support NO3. Please ensure that your system has the hardware requirements before purchasing your NO3 Upgrade. Once your order is placed, installation instructions will be included in your automated receipt.

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  • Simple to use, Intuitive and Built from the ground up for windows 10 environment
  • New Touchscreen Interface make navigating NO3 effortless. Start a session with just a few taps.
  • Larger set of 20 targets including those high Hz, up to 63 Hz
  • New VAULT feature now provides a more comprehensive and user friendly client managing system
  • Customizable G-Force Visualizer to provide a more pleasurable visuals experience
  • Simpler process Exporting/Importing sessions
  • Pause feature which allows you to pick up where you left off. Whether a session stopped voluntarily or not, no need to start over!
  • New media player lets you choose from a variety of options for your sessions: movie files, CDs, DVDs, or *streaming options
  • Mesmerizing New Music by Jeff Bova and Val Brown composed specifically for NO3 with additional inspiration by Val Brown

Professional: (Rule of thumb Microsoft or Asus Products with 8GB or higher sourced by Zengar)
Best Options: Surface Pro 3 8GB, Surface Pro 4 8GB, Surface Pro laptop 8GB
Supports NO3 Pro sessions but with some feature limitations*: Asus TP501UA-SS51T, Asus TP500LA-WH51T, Asus S551LA-QS52T-CB, Asus All-in-One

Personal: (Rule of thumb is Zengar supplied Microsoft or Asus Products 4GB or higher sourced by Zengar)
Surface Pro 3 8GB, Surface Pro 4 4GB, Surface Pro 4 8GB, Surface Pro laptop 8GB, All Asus Models

*Feature limitations can include but are not limited to: Sluggish or blank Matrix Mirror, Session stops after a few seconds, Cannot view post session views (analysis) immediately, G-Force sound settings revert to default. All of these do not happen at all times or across all systems, a work around is to have your system licensed in Personal Mode which offers the exact same sessions but requires less resource.


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