NeurOptimal® Advanced Certification Course – Facilitator Program

NeurOptimal® Basic Certification Course – Facilitator Program

Welcome to the NeurOptimal® Advanced Certification Course – Facilitator Program!

The Facilitator program was created to support our mission of global brand consistency and to ensure that our Trainers receive the same content regardless of where or with whom they take the course. You are part of this elite program and we thank you for your dedication to preserving this mission.

This Facilitator Resource Page has been created to help you share information and knowledge about the basics of neurofeedback, the philosophy, the theory, the history of NeurOptimal®, an introduction to how it works, client management and of course the foundation for starting a successful NeurOptimal® business.

Discover NeurOptimal® In Your Language!

Please do not forget to register your participants BEFORE the start of your course.
This will ensure that they receive their certificate once they have completed the quiz.
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  • This course was originally created, taught and recorded in English by Marc and Lise’ Delong, Director of Education at Zengar®.
  • This course is composed of an Introduction and 16 modules. Your participants must view each of the 17 recordings.
  • In addition to the video recordings, there will be a quiz and a survey to be completed by your participants afterwards.
  • Please review and download the course materials provided for reference during the course.

Participants Course Materials

Please review and download the course materials provided for reference during the course.





The quiz can only be taken by the listed registrant and within 1 week of watching the related course recordings. A grade of 90% is required to receive certification (certificate valid for 3 years). If you receive 85% or less but you understand your errors, please retake the quiz using the same link as above.

*After 2 failed attempts at one quiz – you may not retry a third time, you are required to review the full course material before a third attempt. If you wish to consult an Instructor, please let us know and it will be our pleasure to assign one to you.
**Certificates are sent 3-5 business days following a passing grade.

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