Michelle Sigg

United States of America

I’ve been a massage therapist for almost 25 years. I have always been interested in learning different ways to reduce the stress levels of my clients - and myself! I have researched and tried various holistic and non-medical options (including various modalities of massage, tapping, aromatherapy, meditation, chromotherapy, encouraging microbiome health, and nutrition to name a few) and found various levels of success over the years. I, personally, was still just missing something... Then several years ago I was introduced to NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training. For me, brain training had a profound impact on my life. I finally felt like my brain wasn't "running around" all day. As an added bonus, I went up a level in tennis (pretty amazing since I didn’t start to learn tennis until I was in my early 30's and my fitness level hadn't changed).

Currently, I am an advanced NeurOptimal® trainer. Recently, I established Neuro-Groove. Located in Indianapolis, Neuro-Groove is a company developed to be a resource for others to explore other non-medical modalities to find their own way to feeling and operating at their personal best.

NeurOptimal® training has revealed itself to be a very effective option. Clients who have benefited from NeurOptimal® training range from PTSD, brain traumas, attention, anxiety, and sleep issues to the increased peak performance of professional athletes, artists, and business professionals.

I welcome questions about how NeurOptimal® can benefit you or your organization! Please feel free to call or email.

Michelle Sigg
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