Bert & Reiko Fourie

Representative, Instructor

Auckland, New Zealand


Languages: English

Reiko Fourie is passionate about health and wellbeing. In addition to qualifying with a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition, she did extensive research, devouring every book on the topic she could lay her hands on. Her interest was given further impetus by her suffering from stress and insomnia for much of her adult life. She experimented with many theories and technologies before finally coming across NeurOptimal®.

Immediately after her first session, she experienced deeper sleep, less anxiety, her body felt lighter, and her thoughts clear. NeurOptimal® was very different from anything else she tried, and she loved the fact that every person can benefit from NeurOptimal® with its ease of use.

Bert is an accomplished professional design engineer who has been working against high expectations and tight deadlines for many years. Being fascinated with Reiko’s explicit positive improvements, he naturally joined in. He experienced both a significant reduction in anxiety and improved work performance with design ideas flowing freely. Brain training has become a habit as he enjoys the calm, energetic feeling after each session and the mental clarity it brings.

The potential of Neuroptimal® to improve the wellness and life experience of every single individual fuel their shared vision of making this cutting-edge technology available to as wide an audience as possible. The key is its ease of use, no medical diagnosis or experience is required, and it is a natural and safe technology. Neuroptimal® enables the brain to improve itself based on the audible feedback it gets, reflecting its very own activity. While the concept is beautiful in its effectiveness and simplicity, the underlying technology to make this possible is both complex and advanced. Neuroptimal® makes this possible!

Bert & Reiko Fourie

Neurofeedback Training New Zealand Ltd

Urba Residences, 5 Howe Street Freemansbay, Auckland

[email protected]

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