Raquel Younglove

USA - Facilitator

I have had an unwavering passion for overcoming, thriving, and taking action to turn dreams into reality. As an emancipated minor, I started working my way up the corporate ladder at age 17 while attending Eastern Michigan University for Business. I have 16+ years of experience providing brain training and coaching services, and 25+ years as an entrepreneur with a number of successful businesses. Additionally, due to an insatiable desire for a deeper understanding into how we all get to where we are and who we are, in our strengths, in woundedness, in connection and in disconnect, I have studied human behavior for 30+ years.

Through much trial and tribulation of my own, whether through multiple significant losses, trauma, or even a broken back and failed back surgery for the last 35 years, I’ve tested the walk (and walk the talk). Friends laugh at me as I won’t even suggest a recipe unless I have tried it firsthand.

One of the most powerful, foundational solutions I discovered 16+ years ago was brain training. In my journey with other brain training modalities, I recognized they were limited in their ability to help; took a long period of time to experience progress; caused side effects and had short-lived results. Although I wholeheartedly recognized the benefits and potential of brain training, I also recognized the gaps. This set me on a mission to find the missing links, for a process that was not pushing the brain, and a process that worked with the central nervous system as it is critical to recognize that the mind and body are connected. Upon learning of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback and experiencing it myself, I immediately recognized it as that all-encompassing, authentic process to help individuals experience personal transformation and thrive in body-mind-spirit - in wholeness. Throughout the years I’ve had clients come from over 32 states and 3 different countries for my services, and it has been an honor beyond measure to help transform lives and help individuals thrive and shine as they were made to.

As a leading expert for NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®, I pursued becoming a Certified Representative, Facilitator offering LIVE Basic Certification Courses, and Advanced Certified Trainer due to my desire to be able to help anyone who contacts me at the highest level possible, whether for personal or business goals. And for even greater success, I offer Mental Health & Life Mastery Strategies through my company Breaking Barriers Coaching.

I’d love to hear from you and have the opportunity to assist you in being set free from any chains that bind you, so you can thrive, connect and be empowered to live your fullest life possible.

Raquel Younglove
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