What is NeurOptimal®?

NeurOptimal® is an information technology that offers training to the brain, giving it the opportunity it to function at its best.

NeurOptimal® does this by providing the brain with information about what it has just done. That’s it. In essence, it functions like holding up a mirror to the brain. Your brain can then use that information however it wants, to re-organize itself.

Your brain is a complex information-processing organ that is miraculously and dynamically self-organizing, However, given the stress and strains and challenges we all face it can have difficulty functioning at its best. In fact, some people feel they have never functioned optimally. NeurOptimal® offers the brain the information it needs to effectively perform these extraordinary self-management tasks. The magic though, comes directly from your own brain!

In this way NeurOptimal®, as a unique Dynamical system, is completely different from other neurofeedback systems. We refer to these as Traditional or “Linear” Neurofeedback. You can explore those differences further here.

Because NeurOptimal® only offers information, which is what the brain is naturally designed to deal with, it is extremely safe to use. In fact, since it’s first release in 2000, we are into well over three million hours of usage in people of all ages, toddlers to octogenarians, across the continents of the world. Read more about what makes it is so safe, here.