Neurofeedback Therapy for Business & Professionals

Looking to get an edge for your business? Want to improve your school’s test scores? Want to improve employee performance? NeurOptimal® is a safe, easy way to give learners and employees of all ages a significant advantage in an increasingly competitive environment.


Many of today’s successful businesses and organizations are seeking “biohacks” — ways to positively impact on biology to improve performance and stamina in the face of long hours and tough competition. Unlike nootropics, NeurOptimal® is not a chemical, and although a very advanced technology, it is 100% natural. And while many “biohacks” focus on the body alone, NeurOptimal®  works directly with the brain to allow both body and mind to work more efficiently and effectively.  Imagine a work environment where employees are productive, healthy, happy and in sync! The possibilities after that are endless.


For children, testing has become an increasingly important part of the learning curriculum. In some schools, standardized testing has doubled in recent years. Low test scores can not only affect the individual child, but can also result in reduced federal funding, or in extreme cases, school closure. NeurOptimal® can help students improve focus, memory and the ability to learn. NeurOptimal® can even help mediate test anxiety — an increasing problem undermining academic performance. And since NeurOptimal® is all natural and doesn’t “push” the brain, NeurOptimal® is safe for kids of any age.  Imagine an environment where children AND teachers are at the top of their game.  Classes are easier to teach, teachers are more productive, children develop a passion for school they haven’t experienced before, academically and socially.   The possibilities are endless.

Whether you are an executive looking to gain an edge for your business, an educator trying to improve school test scores or classroom experience, a member of management trying to increase productivity while reducing sickness, or someone wanting to improve morale and well-being in your particular institution, making NeurOptimal® a centerpiece of your organization could be the best investment you will ever make.

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