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Introduction to NO3 (French)

Introduction to NO3

Who’s the trainer part 1

Who’s the trainer part 2

Training with NeurOptimal® : A Family Affair

Extrinsic Constraints- we hear this term being thrown around on the forums and in conversations when trying to figure out why…

We all know that NeurOptimal® is a training and not a treatment for anything, but how do we describe and present NeurOptimal®

There are so many different neurofeedback systems and “gadgets” out there today, it can be confusing to keep up…

We’ve all been faced with clients who are not “happy” with the results they are experiencing…

Focus on understanding nonlinear dynamical systems through a language based model…

Many of the traditional classical neurofeedback approaches are now saying that they do not diagnose or push the brain in any way, but…

We all know that NeurOptimal® works, but many still have questions about how it works.

What makes the NeurOptimal® system work as effectively as it does?

Different interventions draw from a wide range of sources from techniques and theories, to the latest discoveries of contemporary neuroscience.

An overview of the history of this unique approach.

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