Albert Fourie

New Zealand - Facilitator

My journey with Neuroptimal® started when we “discovered” the technology during a stay in Australia where we rented a system. I was blown away by the difference training with Neuroptimal® made. From the outset I started sleeping better and soon found that I was able to better manage stress – I felt more at ease and able to ride the daily ups and downs without getting drawn in and stressed out. Like we say at Neuroptimal®, I had become more flexible and resilient. Significantly, I also felt a sense of clarity through which design ideas came flowing freely. As a professional design engineer, I have for many years been working against high expectations and tight deadlines. There is nowhere to hide for a design engineer – you design it, it gets built, and then it is out there with the customer and it has to work the first time, on budget and be available on time! Talk about stress and anxiety, constant pressure! I rediscovered enjoyment in my work and once again started embracing challenges. Since then brain training has become a habit. I particularly enjoy the calm, energetic feeling after each session.

Of course, as a design engineer, I wanted to understand the underlying technology of Neuroptimal®! In essence, Neuroptimal® enables every brain to improve itself based on the audible feedback it gets about its activity from moment to moment. This information feedback is ever adjusting in a dynamical way to what is happening in the present, mimicking the way the brain normally works. The key is that the information about change states in the brain is made available in real-time, as it is happening. The brain is a self-regulating system and able to learn from this information feedback to become more flexible and resilient. While the concept is beautiful in its effectiveness, simplicity and safety, the underlying technology that makes this possible is both complex and advanced. I cannot help but be amazed and excited that such advanced technology has become so easily accessible, through Neuroptimal®!

When we moved back home, Reiko and I wanted to bring the benefits of training with Neuroptimal® with us to New Zealand. Neuroptimal® has the potential to improve the wellness and experience of life for every single individual, and everyone can use the technology without having special knowledge. This fuels our vision of making Neuroptimal® available to as wide an audience as possible.

In addition to being the New Zealand representative for Neuroptimal®, my mission now is to help new trainers complete the Basic Certification course and help them set up successful businesses. I am offering live training in the main centres across New Zealand. Details of course dates and locations can be found on our website.

Albert Fourie
Urba Residences, 5 Howe Street Freemansbay, Auckland

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