What Madonna Can Teach Us about Dynamical Neurofeedback®

Photo: WikipediaWe here at NeurOptimal® like music. A lot. Music is an integral part of our neurofeedback system. Some of our employees have serious music creds. So when we set out to explain a simple way to describe what distinguishes our neurofeedback system from the competition, our collective, optimized minds naturally gravitated towards music. Even Plato turned to music when seeking a metaphor for the mind. “Philosophy”, he said, “is the highest form of music”. Well, guess what? NeurOptimal® is the highest form of neurofeedback. We know this to be true, but how to explain without making your eyes glaze over with mathematical equations and flow charts?

Madonna, Thomas Dolby, INXS, anyone?!

“With or Without You”, here goes our attempt to describe the best neurofeedback system on the planet using our favorite 1980s pop songs.

First off, the name we use to describe our neurofeedback technology is cooler than anyone else’s. We call it Dynamical Neurofeedback®.  While most of our competitors go all, “She Blinded Me With Science”, by using wonky-sounding acronyms or initials with their neurofeedback systems, we use an adjectival noun followed by a noun. After all, we figured some of the best movies ever made were created this way: Raging Bull, Fatal Attraction, Clockwork Orange etc. And we figured, “One (Good) Thing Leads to Another”.

OK, OK. There’s a little more to it than that.  Our neurofeedback system is truly a “New Sensation” compared with the rest, because it taps into the dynamic, self-correcting nature of the brain. While other systems employ technology to “tell” your brain what to do, a la, “Domo Origato Mr. Roboto”, Dynamical Neurofeedback® works more along the lines of “Anyway You Want It, That’s the Way You Need It”. You see, your brain already knows the most efficient way of working – it just needs be prompted to occasionally “reboot” to recapture its own innate efficiency. Just like a pleasant momento, you can think of D.N. as the equivalent of humming “Always Something There to Remind Me”.

So while other systems out there are “Making Plans for Nigel”, NeurOptimal®‘s Dynamical Neurofeedback™®is “Burnin’ Down the House” by harnessing the scorching self-correcting power of your own brain. And because it works with your central nervous system, not against it, the NeurOptimal® system does a better job of resolving whatever specific issue is bothering you. Instead of  “You Spin Me Round (like a record)” chasing various conditions and complaints, Dynamical Neurofeedback® can “Roll With It, Baby” by facilitating the overall efficacy of the brain’s natural functions.

That’s why NeurOptimal® has been so effective for addressing so many different types of complaints. Many clients have reported excellent results when using NeurOptimal® to curb debilitating conditions such as anxiety and depression. Athletes have used neurofeedback to improve their focus. Many NeurOptimal® users simply report an overall improved sense of well-being – an inexplicable sense of “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades”. While our competitors are busy creating “Weird Science”, we’re in the business of improving people’s lives. NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® gives people the confidence to stand up and say to the world, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”. Bring on the stressors; bring on the challenges because,  “I Just Can’t Get Enough”.

Dynamical Neurofeedback® is so effective, after just a few sessions, you’ll be thinking: “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This” and telling those other neurofeedback companies, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”.

So don’t spend your “Money For Nothing”. Our competitors will look at our results and whine, “Say It Isn’t So”. But you can just tell them, “Don’t Do Me Like That”.  Go for the technology that partners up with your brain, instead of trying to improve upon it. NeurOptimal®‘s Dynamical Neurofeedback® system promises you’ll be “Walking on Sunshine” soon enough.

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