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Shhh… Want to Take a Peek inside the NeurOptimal® System?

Zengar has been developing a Neurofeedback system for years that they have referred to as a Non-linear Dynamical® approach to brain training. But what in the world does that mean? It is sometimes difficult to call this system ‘Neurofeedback’, because this educational brain training program has very little in common with the Linear approach that so many people understand as Neurofeedback.

It helps to understand a little more about the brain. The Brain is ever-changing. Neuroplasticity is an example of how the brain is constantly changing and evolving. Did you know, every time we learn something new the brain is actually making a structural change to itself?! The Central Nervous System (CNS) communicates through the detection of change. The brain’s ability to create neuro-pathways and adapt to a new set of changes is essential for learning and ‘surviving’ …this is called a ‘self-organizing dynamic system’. At the same time, the brain is inherently geared towards the ‘general’ (imprecise) self-regulation based on information. In other words, the brain does not require absolute (or precise) information to learn from, it is always learning and drawing conclusions and formulating, judging, comparing from what information it has received visually, auditorily, tactilely and so forth. What we mean by this can be explained better in an analogy.

A child does not require being taught the ‘BEST’ way to walk (standing so many inches apart) – but rather through experimentation the brain discovers and develops an internal balance and a natural gait unique to that individual. The brain processes and assesses feedback (information) from its own muscles & muscular-skeletal system about its position and stability in space and finds a comfortable stance.
NeurOptimal® has been designed to work in conjunction with the way the body communicates to itself. The training program is Infinitely cycling thereby mirroring through an auditory and visual feedback system a process for the brain to self-regulate. No ABSOLUTE values are ‘augmented’ or ‘inhibited’ as with a Linear process, because as trainers we understand that the brain inherently knows what is ‘best’ and understands the “amount” of activity required for specific functions. NeurOptimal® also understands that individual ‘needs’ vary from brain to brain. So, who better to regulate that than the inherent wisdom of that person’s own brain?

To better understand the process of the CNS let’s compare it to an orchestra. We can think of the instruments as the different parts of the brain…when the brain is healthy all of the parts play together, and are balanced, making an incredible harmonious sound. However, when one instrument is:

In a different ‘time signature’ playing notes too long or short compared to the rest of the orchestra, there is a mismatch in ’Duration’.
If any are ‘too loud’ or “too soft”, there is a mismatch in ‘Intensity’
If any are off key, too sharp or flat, the mismatch is in the ‘Frequency’
Or if any of the information is just ‘off-beat’ or changing the melody, this is noticed as a ‘Shift’.

As the NeurOptimal® system constantly detects these 4-D changes in the brain’s electrical activity (DIFS) it mirrors back to the individual that one or more of these is in the process of change within the CNS – and this gives ‘feedback’ toinformation regarding the overall balance.

The DIFS detection built into the NeurOptimal® software system is mathematically calculating and detecting the change in the cortical activity millisecond by millisecond.

This mirroring indicates the information that a shift is about to occur in electrical activity at the scalp. That’s all NeurOptimal® does. The rest is up to the wisdom of your brain. This mirroring indicates the information that change is about to occur and the interruption is the feedback that is informing you in “real time”. Then the CNS in its own intrinsic wisdom, makes the changes it deems necessary for personal transformation.

Therefore, it doesn’t really matter what your “ouch” is when you feel off. That is just your body’s way of saying “Hey, pay attention to me, I am not balancing well and need NeurOptimal®!”.” And that can be a great time to treat yourself to a NeurOptimal® session.



Gold medalist at the Singapore 2015 Southeast Asian Para Games Ms. Nur Syahidah preparing for her upcoming event by training with NeurOptimal

“I had an opportunity to undergo a dynamic neurofeedbacktraining system to help jumpstart my brain/mind.

When I was first introduced to NeurOptimal®, I was a bit skeptical on the idea – “how does it work?”, or “will this have any side effects on my brain?”, etc. But, I decided to give it a shot anyways.

Today is my 4th session, and I can feel some effects on my body and mind. I’m feeling calmer, relaxed and generally having a productive practice day (most of the time).

I also find myself having an early deep sleep.

I’m looking forward for my upcoming sessions, and hopefully this will improve on my performance on the field.”

– Nur Syahidah Alim

NeurOptimal® To A Marriage and Family Therapist

My name is Diana Fischer. I have had tremendous success using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Systems both personally and professionally. I began using it personally in my sixties to help me with issues related to aging and have received multiple benefits as a result. I found that it helps with focus and concentration, reducing stress and other related issues. As a meditator, with over 40 years of experience, I find that NeurOptimal® helps me access deep states of meditation and is also wonderful for emotional, physical and mental well-being.

As an MFT, I have worked with families for 35 years. Many of the children have special needs, such as children adopted from maltreatment histories, with traumatic pasts and other issues. Over and over again, I have seen that neurofeedbacktraining helps these kids and families cope better with their challenges.

In all these years, I have tried a number of neurofeedback systems. Craig Walker introduced me to NeurOptimal® and I find it to be superior to these other systems. Its safe, comprehensive and adaptive approach to neurofeedback is simple for both the trainer and the client and I am seeing remarkable and sometimes amazing changes in quality of life, making it essential training for families with special needs.

NeurOptimal® has a home/personal trainer that is every bit as simple and safe as the professional version. It is my hope that adoptive and special needs families will join together to buy and share systems so more people can benefit from this remarkable system. In time, I believe that NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Systems will soon become a household item. It works and I am thrilled with this system.

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