Success Story

NeurOptimal® To A Marriage and Family Therapist

My name is Diana Fischer. I have had tremendous success using NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Systems both personally and professionally. I began using it personally in my sixties to help me with medical issues related to aging and have received multiple benefits as a result. I found that it helps with focus and concentration, relief of anxiety, pain management, reducing stress and other medical-related issues. As a meditator, with over 40 years of experience, I find that NeurOptimal® helps me access deep states of meditation and is also wonderful for emotional, physical and mental health.

As an MFT, I have worked with families for 35 years. Many of the children have special needs, such as children adopted from maltreatment histories, traumatic brain injuries, ADHD, mood disorders and other issues. Over and over again, I have seen that neurofeedback helps these kids and families.

In all these years, I have tried a number of neurofeedback systems. Craig Walker introduced me to NeurOptimal® and I find it to be superior to these other systems. It’s safe, comprehensive and adaptive approach to neurofeedback is simple for both the trainer and the client and I am seeing remarkable and sometimes amazing changes. It is an essential training for families with special needs.

NeurOptimal® has a home/personal trainer that is every bit as simple and safe as the professional version. It is my hope that adoptive and special needs families will join together to buy and share systems so more people can benefit from this remarkable system. In time, I believe that NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Systems will soon become a household item. It works and I am thrilled with this system.

Note: NeurOptimal® ( is for brain training and optimization and is otherwise exempt from FDA regulation because it does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and is not considered a medical device.

Opening The Gates

neurofeedback--testimonial-2“My family (children aged 6, 9 and 11 and their parents) attended the NeurOptimal® “gym for the brain” over the course of summer 2011. We experienced this as a gentle yet profound transformation. The emotional tone of our family has changed for the better: since the parents are able to be more relaxed (yet on top of things more of the time), the children intuitively respond in a positive way.


The NeurOptimal® Community

pamela-hartman-optMost trainers can give us a general idea of what attracted them to NeurOptimal®. Brand new trainer Pamela Hartman from Los Angeles can tell you EXACTLY why she joined our team. Its not just our technology that makes us unique.