Personal Assistant Membership

PERS_ASSIST_annualWith Personal Assistant our goal is to keep your system running smoothly, support you and connect you with others in the community. Should you be using this system in a business or would like to take advantage of our Ambassador Programthen perhaps the PASS Membership would be better suited.

The Benefits of Membership

  • Free Upgrades (Value of over $800)
    As an active Personal Assistant member you will be eligible to receive NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer upgrades at no charge. Don’t miss out on version 3.0, coming soon!
  • MouseCalls Access  (Value of $120/hour)
    Personal Assistant members receive unlimited technical support/maintenance via our remote mousecalls service.  This will insure your system is running as it should, all the time.
  • NEW! Referral Program (Value of over $500)
    Do you know anyone who might benefit from knowing more about NeurOptimal®? Simply refer them to us and have them mention your name. Should they decide to purchase a NeurOptimal® system, Zengar will credit you with 25 FREE sessions. We already get so many referrals from our Personal system users – this is our way of saying THANK YOU!
  • Access to Personal Assistant Forum
    No question is too basic for this forum! Useful to anyone training themselves at home, you can post any questions (technical or clinical) that come up for you while using NeurOptimal®. Our staff, experienced moderators (and the rest of the community) are happy to help!
  • NEW! Session Promo Eligibility
    From time to time we will offer secret flash sales on session packages, valid for Personal Assistant members only.  No advanced warning and only valid for short periods of time.  Be ready by making sure your membership is active!
  • NEW! Getting Started Section
    Get access to useful user information, videos and snippets that will get (and keep!) you comfortable with your NeurOptimal® system.

Please note that all Zengar Offices will be closed on Monday 28th, 2018 for the Memorial Day Holiday. Thank you!