NeurOptimal®‘s Neurofeedback Conference: An Award-Worthy Sequel

palm-springs-sunset-copyIt’s Oscar night. How many sequels do you see up for serious awards, you know: actor, director, best picture? The answer would be uh, zero. Why? Because it’s very difficult to duplicate a vital, initial spark of creativity and the box office success that follows. Not because the good folks in Hollywood don’t try, but at some point, expansion upon the same idea just isn’t all that interesting, creative…or award-worthy.

However, if someone were to hand out an award for Most Successful Neurofeedback Follow-Up of the Year, NeurOptimal®‘s Focus on Research and Innovation Conference would quickly become a front-runner with the voters. This latest Palm Springs professional meeting (or ConFab as it’s known in Hollywood) featured incredible research presentations from trainers what arguably made this go-around even better than the original in 2012. There were more trainers in attendance, more presentations and an even greater variety of research topics. Incredibly thorough and detailed presentations ran the gamut from sleep disorders, ADHD and neurofeedback, neurofeedback training within family systems, addiction and neurofeedback, business performance enchanced by neurofeedback. In a word, things got comprehensive.

Another thing that was striking about Brain Training: The Sequel was the influx of new trainers. This trend of expansion is no doubt driven by the groundswell of information and positive studies about neurofeedback training and the positive outcomes it produces. Experienced trainers who have used the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system for years, combined with new ideas and fresh perspectives contributed by noobie trainers, made this follow-up conference especially informative. And speaking of cinema, there was even a Hollywood film crew on hand to capture the flood of neurofeedback success stories which will no doubt inspire a whole new generation of trainers.

But the real take-away from the conference is a consistent influx of high-quality trainers NeurOptimal® attracts. Many in attendance held advanced degrees; many came from high-powered professions seeking a better quality of life for themselves and their clients. And many (as young as 13 years old) ran their NeurOptimal® systems through the rigor of testing and research, only to find their own intuitive conclusions confirmed. Namely that brain training with neurofeedback REALLY works. On kids, adults and seniors. For many different kinds of complaints. As a result of – well, great results –  dedication and passion were in abundance among both trainers and principals of the Zengar Institute, who were on hand to host the proceedings.

The only question now is: how much better with NeurOptimal®: Part III be?

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