NeurOptimal® Patch Release Notes

Release Date: May 20th, 2020

NeurOptimal® v3.0.0.24

Made a mistake entering your Activation Key?
Gone are the days of experiencing a “license invalid” message and feeling “stuck”! Now, if the license in question is still valid, you will be able to enter the Activation Key and launch NO without contacting us. We have implemented a button on the dialogue that allows you to try entering the key again, or to enter a new one.

Outdated Language Updates:
We replaced the term “Mousecall” with “ZenConnect” some time ago. This update replaces the word “Mousecall” in various places throughout the NeurOptimal® software, changing to “ZenConnect” and updates relevant links.

Bug Fixes:
Our server will now be pinged when selecting “Refresh Licensing” from the Tools menu. If the server was not able to be reached, a dialogue box will appear stating so. This is usually due to internet connectivity issues.

VAULT backup and Dustbin empty features now function as intended.

Stay Current:
To ensure your system is always running the most recent version of NeurOptimal®, this update makes sure your system checks for updates each time NeurOptimal® is launched.

Set Up:
This update was deemed a “Critical Update” to get your system ready for future updates. Our team is always working to make NeurOptimal® better!

Please Note: The Zengar® Main Office and Order Desk will be closed Monday the 18th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. ZenConnect will be open from 9am - 5pm (EST). Thank you.