Neurofeedback. What does it do? Why would I do it?

Just as a photographer shifts the lens of the camera from a distorted, blurred view of an object to a clear view of that very same, unchanged object, so does the person who is daily neurotraining shift from a more rigid, distorted or blurred perspective of their life circumstances to a non-distorted, clear and complex perspective of the world at large. Gone are the worries, the resentments, the fears, and the doubts. Those distorted viewpoints are replaced by genuine curiosity and confidence and a new default to a willingness to give people and life’s circumstances the benefit of the doubt.

Initially, nothing and no one around the person has changed, but their perception of everything is upshifted, and this changes the person themselves from the inside out. They feel better. From this new perspective, the calmed person begins to interface within their relationships and responsibilities with a newfound ease and flow, and everything, in turn, begins to respond and change around them. They become the agent of change in their lives, in their workplaces, in their families. Their repair work on their own nervous system begins to ripple out into their sphere of influence. All of this by simply getting the sensors on their own heads daily, no practitioner necessary.

When we have a long-term, dedicated daily practice of neurotraining with NeurOptimal® we just don’t see things in the same way anymore. We can’t. Negative thoughts no longer intrude, because the object of our gaze is newly seen through a fresh perceptual lens that has been positively altered simply by the calming of the central nervous system (CNS). So, we see everything more clearly and everything seems much easier than when our system is stressed.

This fresh lens is fortified by the practice of daily training. Training directly results in a calming of the CNS and each iteration of the training adds new information to the body of knowledge that the CNS has about itself. This gives yet another level of calm and complexity to the system with each experience.

The more the CNS knows about itself the calmer it becomes, and on and on, as it accelerates through the process of organizing itself. From this perspective life just feels easier and more comfortable. You smoothly move away from relationships and experiences that give you a sense of discomfort and you begin to flow into new, uncharted territory with a sense of calm that allows for curiosity and wonder. You notice more. You hear more. You can listen with attention. Your capacity to pay attention is increased. You cannot be baited into an argument. You can see your part in any given conflict, and you can use that to de-escalate whatever situation may arise.

The training allows the brain to heal itself, and this means it is able to self-organize and stabilize. As the brain heals itself it is always moving towards stability and complexity. What does this mean? It means that we find ourselves feeling more stable and less reactive. We find ourselves more open to change and we watch limiting beliefs dissolve. If we keep training, we can re-establish the tertiary level of cognition and really begin to see our own behavior and have the skills to change ourselves in meaningful ways that improve our lives. With these sophisticated skill sets we are then able to de-escalate any given situation. We become so committed to calming the system that we no longer wish to engage in conflict, and we are leaders in modeling this behavior. People begin to synchronize with our calm, and they cannot get us to synchronize with their stressed systems. It becomes a superpower of sorts.

If one keeps neurotraining, the process of self-organization builds upon itself, and we can take ourselves from a deficit to baseline and from baseline to peak performance and from there straight out into studies of expanded consciousness. There are no limits to how far you can take yourself if you find the discipline to daily neurotrain with NeurOptimal®.

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