Steven Lane


I have been training clients with NeurOptimal® since 2009. I have over 3,000 hours of experience and have seen wonderful changes appear as a result of a well optimized brain, including discomfort in certain situations being replaced with peace of mind, sadness giving rise to an optimistic outlook, children having an easier time at school, sports people being able to enter the “zone”, creative people becoming more creative, and stressed people discovering relaxed living again.

I came to NeurOptimal® with a background as a Brief Psychotherapist (since 1997) and Transformative Coach, a Meditation teacher and a Homeopath – all of which I practice alongside NeurOptimal® and sometimes together.  In particular, I have a deep appreciation of the intelligence of living systems which equally applies to human beings. To find a piece of technology that can provide information to that intelligence is mind blowing!

My wish is to help people attain emotional and physical wellbeing, outside of the conventional medical model which I consider very limited and lacking in credibility. NeurOptimal®, as a non diagnostic and non medical treatment is extraordinary because it connects people back into their own intrinsic wellbeing and thus empowers them. It is therefore a life changing tool for many, and I am very happy to have the opportunity of introducing this remarkable technology to many more people.

Steven Lane
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