Steven Lane


I have been using NeurOptimal® since 2008 and I have probably run in the region of 5,000 client sessions, which has given me the opportunity to see its extraordinary transformative effects. Since 2015 I have been a Zengar Representative and Instructor.

The mind and human transformation has been of immense interest to me for most of my life. I have been a mediator for nearly 40 years and I spent 7 years as a Buddhist monk in a Tibetan tradition. The practice of loving kindness is key to my life’s purpose.

For the past 20 years, I have been in private practice providing services to help people overcome suffering, to realize their potential and to become transformed. To this end I trained as a brief psychotherapist, a hypnotherapist, and a life and executive coach. In recent years I have started to introduce it to corporate entities, where it can play a major role in executive resilience and performance. (I have a degree in Business Studies and previously worked as a management and NGO Consultant).

I am also currently involved in providing support for NeurOptimal® in a research project in a UK high security prison.

NeurOptimal® has been an amazing additional tool, which quickly gained a primary position in my private practice. In many ways, it parallels training in meditation by helping a person to free themselves of the past and to become present in the here and the now, with all of its inherent potential. I have also used it extensively with my entire family with very rewarding outcomes.

I live in Ireland and regularly run trainings in the UK and Ireland. I have also given presentations on NeurOptimal® in Lithuania and Spain. In addition to English, I am reasonably fluent in Spanish and German.

I am currently the only native English speaking Instructor in Europe.

I have three corporate entities for this work:

UK System Sales & Training:
Email: [email protected]

Ireland System Sales & Training:
Email: [email protected]

Private Practice in Ireland for NeurOptimal® sessions:
Email: [email protected]

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