Roz Light

California, United States of America

Neurofeedback was a mystery to me, but I decided to follow some good advice and give it a whirl. I had been suffering from a number of conditions that were all related to my overworked nervous system and I was determined to overcome these challenges. When it dawned on me that the radical personal transformation that I was effortlessly experiencing was a direct result of 5 sessions of NeurOptimal® training, I stopped everything to investigate this phenomenon. What I discovered was so exciting that I made the decision to immediately purchase a system and devote my life to joining in the effort to help reduce suffering in the world. I’ve never looked back! That’s the bottom line.

I left a profession I loved to do this, simply because it is so thrilling to watch the personal transformation that is possible, and I feel that I can help more people feel better by encouraging them to train their brains than I ever could as a high school teacher.

I sell systems and rent systems worldwide, and I’m available to chat if you have any questions whatsoever. I’m always enthusiastic about talking to anyone who wants to learn more. I want to encourage you to try this to see how much you can improve your own life.

I see clients in my office, which is an art studio located in the middle of an heirloom seed farm in the heart of Encinitas, located in a coastal beach town of Southern California. I also organize international retreats that feature brain training, yoga, meditation and farm-to-table experiences in multiple countries.

I have a history of deep experience with distinct populations and am a safe person for at-risk teenagers, combat veterans, first responders, bereaved parents, victims of domestic violence and parents embroiled in high conflict divorce. I am here to help you help yourself be your very best.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or call or text +1-760-753-0048.

Roz Light
[email protected]

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Roz is Pure Light

Rated 0 out of 5
April 8, 2023

I remember the very first time I met Roz over a zoom call (we don’t live in the same state) so she connected with me virtually….

I remember thinking, “What an absolute ray of sunshine — she is pure light, just like her last name, how fitting!”

Roz answered ALL of my many questions. She walked me through setup slowly and patiently. She helped me get up and running quickly and with kindness. She was wonderful to work with and incredibly supportive from start to finish, often sharing her personal experiences along the way. I felt supported by her from the very first moment we began speaking and can’t imagine having gone through the process of purchasing my NeurOptimal and getting it up and running with anyone else.

If you get the opportunity to work with Roz…. do so!!


Deeply caring and knowledgeable

Rated 0 out of 5
April 6, 2023

Almost three years ago I first connected with Roz during my search for a Neurofeedback system. We were in COVID times and I was not able to see a practitioner. After renting a system for a month I knew I had to own one. Enter Roz – She took the time to help me fully understand everything I needed to make an informed decision. Fast forward to today and I have multiple systems which I rent out to clients. I like to think I’m building a good business while paying it forward. I can say with complete confidence it was in large part due to Roz’ commitment and deep caring that I felt confident enough to make the investment.

Raffaele Vianfrancesco

Passion for helping others - both clients and mentees!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 5, 2023

Roz has been a God send for me starting my NeurOptimal business – she has answers to all of my questions, she is encouraging and supportive, and she makes time to respond or jump on a call or Zoom when I need help. Beyond that she is delight to work with, always kind and positive, honest and transparent. I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned from Roz, and it’s an honor to work with her!

Jeanna Rice

Knowledgeable & Available

Rated 5 out of 5
April 4, 2023

Roz has been the greatest teacher in my Neurofeedback journey. She has more knowledge than most and has helped and guided many of my friends and family since I began my learning from her. She is always available and passionate about helping which is a specialty of hers in my opinion.

Lacee Gibbs

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