Kelley Raleigh


California, United States of America


Languages: English

I am so grateful to be part of this team. I have been in the alternative healing & personal growth world for 16 years and including NeurOptimal® in my tool box has added exponential value to my family and my clients.

I have had a soul nourishing career as a Director of various youth programs across the country and a Life Coach for teens/parents for over 20 years. I produced heart centered educational seminars in the US, Africa and Mexico while also creating leadership programs and retreats for teens and families.

All of these leadership retreats, working privately with clients and international volunteer projects have always had the focus of supporting young people in being their best selves by taking radical responsibility for themselves. The results were always amazing. But not until I did my first NeurOptimal® session, did I see such huge potential for passively breaking through in ways that significantly builds on that emotional work.

After working closely with hundreds of families over the years, from every demographic, I believe I have seen it all and I am enhancing my work by adding indirect dynamical neurofeedback to my playbook because it can benefit everyone. On a more personal note, I unexpectedly lost my husband to a rare disorder in 2021. In addition to my spiritual practice and having an amazing community, doing NeurOptimal® for the last few years has kept me present and able to deal with the shock, trauma, grief and parenting in a much more graceful way.

I look forward to working with you and your family.

Kelley Raleigh


Sherman Oaks, CA

(310) 966-7645

[email protected]

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