Free Forums

While the many PASS forums offer direct and personalized access to experts in NeurOptimal®, there are also two free forums available.

The Zengar NCP Forum

A place where NeurOptimal® Trainers and members of the public can hold discussions concerning the use of NeurOptimal® for providing Neurofeedback Training and related activities.

The Neurofeedcommunity Forum

“This neurofeedback group is the first public group dedicated to Neurofeedback and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (NDS) theory. It also serves to bridge the gap between cutting-edge non-linear dynamical approach to neurofeedback and the more traditional states-of-the art of classic EEG feedback. All interested parties, consumers, practitioners, manufacturers, software developers and theoreticians are invited to offer the benefits of their perspective – NDS, classical or otherwise –to those entering the field, while enjoying shared community with colleagues.

NDS theory has much to contribute to our understanding of the EEG as an emergent phenomena arising from the underlying processing of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and its incredible interactivity with other systems. Moreover, NDS offers profound insight into behavior in its broadest sense and the transformational and developmental processes. NDS is inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural and spans all scientific domains. Our Neurofeedcommunity group is unique in being totally dedicated to Neurofeedback and NDS theory, and that it is governed by a process of group moderation according to the principles of non-violent communication and utilization of NDS concepts. All individuals willing to contribute to a mutually supportive community are welcomed!”

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