Domino Effect: FDA Barriers To Neurofeedback Falling?

You know how these things work. Like dominoes, first one approval and then the next, and the next. We discover trust. Hans Berger began using the EEG (electroencephalogram) on people way back in 1924. Before women bobbed their hair and kissed on the first date. Berger wanted to take “pictures” of psychic phenomena. What did he see? Not ghosts. Hooked up to humans (it had only been used on animals before) the EEG recorded what happened in [...]


5 Reasons Neurofeedback is The Breakfast of Olympic Champions

It all comes down to this moment. You've pushed your body to its physical limits for four long years now. You've assembled gigabytes of performance data and analyzed it ad finitum to maximize you potential. You've lived like a monk, keeping a boring routine of practice, critique, sleep; practice, critique, sleep. You don't have time for real relationships except for those that involve your chosen apparatus and your coach. Vanilla lattes? Ice cream sundaes?! Forgettaboutit; they [...]


Have Trainer, Will Travel: 5 Reasons to Include Neurofeedback in Your Vacation Plans

There's nothing like summer vacation. It's a time when we break away from our breakneck-paced lives and learn to slow down and smell the petunias. Vacation is a time for new experiences, catching up with family, and for once, allowing ourselves to be a little lazy. Yes, there's nothing like "summer vacation" because the above doesn't describe anything that even remotely resembles my (or most people's) ACTUAL summer vacation. Guess what? There's a lot of [...]


Tired of Insomnia? So is Neurofeedback Trainer & Sleep Medicine Expert Ed O’Malley

Dr. Ed O’Malley will put you to sleep. Not because he’s boring, but because he is very good at what he does. Dr. O’Malley has been board certified in sleep medicine for fifteen years and an insomnia sleep researcher for the last twenty. He holds a Ph.D. in neurobiology and is one of the nation’s leading experts in sleep medicine. He is also a certified NeurOptimal® trainer. For many years now, Dr. O’Malley has seamlessly [...]


[Neurofeedback] should be more available: Doctor

This article originally appeared in and features NeurOptimal® trainer Dr. Janet McCulloch superb work with veterans suffering from PTSD. KINGSTON - Advocates of a new way of treating post traumatic stress disorder are calling for it to be made available to veterans across Canada. Called neurofeedback, the treatment has proven successful with a small group of patients at the Kingston Institute of Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback. In the past three years, Dr. Janet McCulloch, a psychiatrist at the institute, [...]


Research Shows Promising Results From Neurofeedback Training

PALM SPRINGS, CA –  Zengar Institute Inc., developer of the NeurOptimal® professional and home neurofeedback systems, held its inaugural Research Conference at the Miramonte Resort in Palm Springs, California on February 20-22.  It was the largest professional gathering in the company’s history. Eighty-five NeurOptimal® trainers, researchers and staff traveled from all over the world to attend – some from as far away as Australia and Lithuania. Over the course of three days, key presentations [...]


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