Brain Training

Is Neurofeedback the New Smart Weapon for Business Productivity?

The Great Speedup has Sped Up. The so-called Great Speedup is not a new game app for your iPhone. And it does not, (unfortunately) describe the state of the current global economy…at least not in the way you might think. The Great Speedup is the economic phenomenon in which companies are attempting to squeeze more and more production out of fewer and fewer workers. And the strain is starting to show. (more…)

New Hope for Those Suffering from Chemo Brain or Cognitive Impairment

Zengar Institute, Inc. today announced the results of a new peer-reviewed study measuring the effects of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback on patients suffering post-cancer cognitive impairment (PCCI) or “chemo-brain”. The research, conducted by the Applied Brain Research Foundation of Ohio, reported a 91% success rate for PCCI patients using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback’s brain training system. 21 of the 23 participants in the study reported a complete reversal of the cognitive impairment or “mental fog” commonly associated with chemotherapy treatments. (more…)

L.A. Sports Teams Need Brain Training Makeover: Open Letter to City Mayor

Dear Mayor Villaraigosa: I’d like to report a crime. Our L.A. sports teams’ recent performance is so shameful, they should all be locked up for for public indecency. Let’s start with the dribblers - the Los Angeles Lakers – who were so bad earlier this season, they had to fire their coach. Unfortunately he wasn’t the one making all those bad shots and turnovers, so it didn’t help. The Clippers aren’t much better. They “lead” a...

Work It: 4 Ways Neurofeedback Turbocharges Job Performance

I learned a lot from my Russian roots. My genealogy is actually Scotch/Irish, but my Ph.D. work was in Russian Studies. Unlike Romance languages, Russian is a language "invented" by 19th century European linguists. The good news about that is Russian grammatical rules are logical - much like Latin. The bad news is, learning Russian is a lot like learning Latin. Back to my roots: Russian is heavily based in word roots. In fact, finding the...

Dear Beloved Neurofeedback Machine: You Complete Me

Dear NeurOptimal: How do I love thee? Let me count the neurons. But counting to a 100 billion wouldn't be very "optimal", now would it? So let's cut to the chase. It's true; I am not a cardiovascular organ. I merely automate one in my spare time. But if I "had" a heart, it would belong to you, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback. (more…)

Brain Training: The Painless Resolution Solution for 2013

I'll just come out and say it: I suck at basketball. I mean, when I shoot, bricklayers run for cover. I'm lucky if the ball gets within the same zip code as that orange rim-thing it's designed to go through.  My eight year old is Kobe Bryant by comparison. Basketball baffles me. On any given day, I'll be “doing well” if I hit 10% of my shots. 10% probability of success is not a good statistic...

Banking on Neurofeedback: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Pay Attention

"Pay attention". It's one of those Anglo-isms I find intriguing.  Intuitively, you'd think it would be "give" attention or "have" attention, right? But upon closer examination, the very idea of "paying attention" reveals something deeper about the complex inner workings of our brains. Seems to me that, when it comes to neural focus, the bottom line is literally the bottom line: you have to "pay out" neural resources to retain important information. (more…)

Serving Up Neurofeedback: My Luv Hate Courtship with Tennis

Whoever came up with that ridiculous phrase "Tennis anyone!"?! It implies anyone can pick up a tennis racket and just enjoy playing the game. That would not describe my experience. I'm something of a jock, but I've never found tennis to be relaxing, natural or easy. My clean up hitter-infected swing more often than not sends my backhand bounding into the neighboring court instead of the one I'm supposed to be playing on.  My ground strokes are...