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5 Reasons Neurofeedback is The Breakfast of Olympic Champions

It all comes down to this moment. You've pushed your body to its physical limits for four long years now. You've assembled gigabytes of performance data and analyzed it ad finitum to maximize you potential. You've lived like a monk, keeping a boring routine of practice, critique, sleep; practice, critique, sleep. You don't have time for real relationships except for those that involve your chosen apparatus and your coach. Vanilla lattes? Ice cream sundaes?! Forgettaboutit; they [...]


Neurofeedback Trainer Focus: Dr. Lise DeLong

Dr. Lise DeLong is a Neuroptimal® trainer and Cognitive Rehabilitation specialist. She has pioneered an innovative treatment model known as NeuroCognitive Processing in which she combines neurofeedback with rehabilitation brain training. When used in tandem, these two methodologies address both cognitive and physiological problems.  With a Ph.D. in neuropsychology and a sub-specialty in neurocognitive processing, Dr. DeLong oversees clinics in Greenwood, Indiana and Walnut Creek, California, where she currently resides. Language disorders (primarily with Autistic children) have [...]


Research Shows Promising Results From Neurofeedback Training

PALM SPRINGS, CA –  Zengar Institute Inc., developer of the NeurOptimal® professional and home neurofeedback systems, held its inaugural Research Conference at the Miramonte Resort in Palm Springs, California on February 20-22.  It was the largest professional gathering in the company’s history. Eighty-five NeurOptimal® trainers, researchers and staff traveled from all over the world to attend – some from as far away as Australia and Lithuania. Over the course of three days, key presentations [...]