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There has never been a better time to incorporate NeurOptimal® into your existing practice or to build your own NeurOptimal® brain training business. Today, more than ever, people are searching for a safe and effective alternative to regain control of their lives and impact those around them.

The NeurOptimal® Business Bundle offers a complete, out-of-the-box solution providing you with everything you need to build and grow your NeurOptimal® practice and boost your revenues.

*On approved financing

Discover NeurOptimal® In Your Language!

Included in Your Bundle:

  • 3 NeurOptimal® Bundles With Unlimited License.

    Get started right away with 3 fully configured NeurOptimal® systems that require no extensive setup or specific expertise to operate. Everything you need is in the box. The Unlimited license means that you can run as many Sessions as you want without ever having to worry about paying to refill Sessions. Ever!

  • Two (2) Complementary Certifications – Value of $1320 (USD)

    Learn more about NeurOptimal® and gain your certification through the English modules captioned in your language of choice where you will learn a variety of information including neurofeedback basics, the philosophy, the theory, the NeurOptimal® history, an introduction to how it works, running Clients, and of course, business basics for a successful office. Each certification is broken into easy to follow modules to be watched at your convenience. Courses are now available in 9 captioned languages! For more information please visit: Welcome to the Education Portal – NeurOptimal.

  • 30 Month Microsoft Warranty

    Enjoy complete peace of mind with a 30 month Microsoft Warranty. The warranty covers all Surface Pro hardware-related issues for all three (3) systems included in the Business Bundle. Concentrate on what matters most, your Clients.

  • Four (4) Years of Premier Access Support Service – PASS - (only when using the financing option)

    To ensure that your business doesn’t skip a beat, having all your systems covered under PASS is a MUST! Not only does PASS coverage include unlimited technical support, it also includes the Loaner Program and the Referral Program. You also get multiple listings on our popular Find a Trainer page where you can advertise your services in front of a highly targeted audience near you. For more information on the full list of PASS benefits please visit: Welcome to PASS – NeurOptimal.

  • Three (3) Extra Sets of Sensors & Paste – Value of $400 (USD)

    Make sure you are never caught off guard! We have all your accessory needs covered.

  • NeurOptimal® 100 Brochure Pack – Value of $59 (USD)

    Step up your marketing efforts with high quality brochures.


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