Brain Training: The Painless Resolution Solution for 2013

brain trainingI’ll just come out and say it: I suck at basketball. I mean, when I shoot, bricklayers run for cover. I’m lucky if the ball gets within the same zip code as that orange rim-thing it’s designed to go through.  My eight year old is Kobe Bryant by comparison. Basketball baffles me. On any given day, I’ll be “doing well” if I hit 10% of my shots.

10% probability of success is not a good statistic in any sport. It’s a pathetic metric, actually. But guess what? Even fewer people successfully realize their New Year’s resolutions. That’s right; 8% of people make good on those promises professed in the gloaming of the old year. In hoops terminology, 92%(!) of those misty-eyed goals (read: “shots”) end up as “air-balls”.

Oh, the humanity.

So our first question should be: Why? What is the obstacle we fail to overcome year after frustrating year? The answer: it’s your brain, stupid. In short, our brains are wired to take the path of least resistance – a path lubed by the idea of “instant gratification”. In other words, delayed gratification -though better for us in the long run- basically gets the de-nied. You brain says: “That chocolate truffle looks mighty good. And hey, we need to eat to survive, right?” The “higher function”, (i.e., reasoning) portion of your brain ends up losing that battle 92% of the time, apparently. Then there’s the fallout from feelings guilt and failure. But that’s only because your brain has set you up to face-plant on the hardwood.

Here’s an idea: wrangle your brain. Rope it in. Herd that puppy. Easier said than done, you say? Only if your deprive yourself of a little help from neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback. Instead of suffering hunger pangs as you pass up hors d’oeuvres at your next social event, you can actually achieve your New Years resolutions without angst, without regret and quite frankly, without any real effort on your part.  Neurofeedback training can actually help you accomplish significant, resolution-level changes in your life without the pain, strain, guilt etc.. A consistent regimen of NeurOptimal® neurofeeback brain training can help give that “no pain, no gain” attitude the comeuppance it deserves.

How is that possible? NeurOptimal® is designed to remind your brain that compulsive behaviors are not the most efficient use of your neural resources.That’s what’s meant by brain training. Get it?  Neurofeedback is like the friend that taps you on the shoulder as your eating out of the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream carton to say, “Easy on the Cherry Garcia! You don’t want to slow us down, do you?”

Take that guilt! How do you like them apples, suffering? NeurOptimal® is your “nothing but net” resolution solution for a truly Happy New Year in 2013.

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