Rapping It Up: NeurOptimal®‘s Palm Springs Conference

When you think of the desert, compassion isn't the first descriptive noun that springs to mind. Instead, you begin to think in superlative adjectival phrases - things like: harsh conditions, glaring sun, chilling winds, and lost wages (if you're in Vegas). Yet, no such phrases need apply when describing the NeurOptimal inaugural Research Conference in the heart of the Mojave. History will record how, in late February of 2012, compassion came into fashion in [...]


What Madonna Can Teach Us about Dynamical Neurofeedback®

We here at NeurOptimal® like music. A lot. Music is an integral part of our neurofeedback system. Some of our employees have serious music creds. So when we set out to explain a simple way to describe what distinguishes our neurofeedback system from the competition, our collective, optimized minds naturally gravitated towards music. Even Plato turned to music when seeking a metaphor for the mind. "Philosophy", he said, "is the highest form of music". [...]


Feedback: My First NeurOptimal Experience

Entry 1:  Neuro-what?! I'm not a born cynic; I'm more of a converted skeptic. It's a natural evolutionary adaptation necessary for survival in Los Angeles. Ah yes, The City of Angels: where the climate is unnaturally temperate, but the people are volatile and dogged by doubt. Somewhere in West Hollywood, a rehab turnstile awaits the next sweaty-palmed celebrity to pass through on their way to a People Magazine cover. L.A. is  a place where people [...]


The Persistence Of Brain Myths

In the recent movie blockbuster Limitless, the hero (played by Bradley Cooper), stumbles across a seedy character who introduces him to a super neuro-drug with a dubious provenance called NZT. Never mind that the tiny clear pills resemble flattened bubble bath beads from Victoria’s Secret – these little elixirs supposedly hold the secret to unleashing the human brain’s “limitless” (get it?) potential. Without such psychotropic intervention, claims the dope(amine) pusher, normal humans will be [...]


Love Thy Trainer

INTRODUCING NEUROPTIMAL®’S NEW, AFFORDABLE PERSONAL TRAINER Most folks have a love/hate relationship with their personal trainer. S/he makes them do things you don’t necessarily want to do. Like Cardio Barre at 6AM before that wake up shot of Nespresso. Like that extra rep when biceps are screaming with lactic acid. That personal trainer is probably the only person outside of their immediate family who keeps bringing the pain, but still gets an invite to the [...]


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