The Persistence Of Brain Myths

once-upon-a-time-719174_640In the recent movie blockbuster Limitless, the hero (played by Bradley Cooper), stumbles across a seedy character who introduces him to a super neuro-drug with a dubious provenance called NZT. Never mind that the tiny clear pills resemble flattened bubble bath beads from Victoria’s Secret – these little elixirs supposedly hold the secret to unleashing the human brain’s “limitless” (get it?) potential. Without such psychotropic intervention, claims the dope(amine) pusher, normal humans will be doomed to use only 10% of their total, innate brain potential. Our hero, sucked in by the pitch, takes the pills and cinematic chaos ensues.


Love Thy Trainer


Most folks have a love/hate relationship with their personal trainer. S/he makes them do things you don’t necessarily want to do. Like Cardio Barre at 6AM before that wake up shot of Nespresso. Like that extra rep when biceps are screaming with lactic acid. That personal trainer is probably the only person outside of their immediate family who keeps bringing the pain, but still gets an invite to the house a couple times a week.